Sometimes Sleep (quickwrite #2

Sometimes sleep

is hard

to surrender.

Though birds twitter

Lingering night chill

Makes covers

still welcome

I pull them closer.

Sometimes sleep is hard

to surrender.

At the break of a day

when silken

cobwebs of dreams yet entwine

around my head

Lighter than air.

Sometimes sleep is hard to surrender.

Earth-bound day feet

a weighty trade

for night ‘s wings,

But gossamer visions soon fog

Sweat beads at my neck

At the drum of Herb’s shower

I arise.

Why Write?

Why write? Why do I feel drawn and compelled to put my thoughts to page? There is something in the deliberate process of selecting words and massaging sentences that allows me to taste and chew my thinking. The tidbits of thought in my focus become richer and more memorable in the process, each word adds spice and texture. Once committed to page, experience become less ephemeral,  and like a favorite dish, can be savored again and again.